Pressure & Flow Control Repair

Gulf Oro Industries's partner is uniquely qualified to perform turnkey and / or component repair or refurbishment work to OEM, API and other applicable industry specifications. Upon arrival, equipment is disassembled, cleaned and inspected. Repair requirements are identified and noted on product dispositions. Quotations are developed based on these dispositions, with fixed prices and committed deliveries. Upon receipt of customer directives, our partners consistently offer the highest quality repairs with the shortest lead times in the industry. You can trust us to manage all phases of your repair project.

You can trust us to manage all phases of your repair projects.

Our Capabilities

- Disassembly, Inspection & Disposition
- Hardness Testing
- Non-Destructive Testing (Including Magnetic Particle & Liquid Penetrant Exams)
- Precision Machining
- Welding, Inlay, Cladding
- Assembly
- Hydro-testing
- Comprehensive Documentation

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